Our primary outsourcing of manpower with skilled resources, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. Clients from varied industries and business utilize our skilled staff resources to achieve their business goals. They strategically make huge savings for the organization and works efficiently in the execution of projects within a time frame.

We outsource our dreamers and doers and out of the box thinkers to work on challenging projects with determination and dexterousness. Our motivated team and committed professionals allow an enterprise to recruit additional staffs required to support their initiatives.
Our resource augmentation services act as a bridge connecting the demand and supply through innovative talent pool that works with client centric approach. You can hire our software developers by just giving a call or mail us at contact@fernsoft.ca

Advantages of Our Resource Augmentation

Cost Reduction

Our resource augmentation helps your business by saving the cost on HR, administration and employee benefits such as insurance and medical reimbursements. Further, the internal skill development cost is reduced since our resources hold the significant skillset to execute a project in perfection.


The recruitment of staffs is made easy by just giving a call for us to send our selected staffs who are adaptable and goal oriented. They achieve the balance needed in a project through quality goals within the assigned budget.

Increased Flexibility

The organization is empowered with the resources size. You can increase or decrease the team size at any time ensuring maximum productivity needed. The constant flux in resource augmentation is met according to the demand in your business.

Key Timeline

Our skilled and niche resources assist by easy and fast mobilization to meet your deadline with the perfect expertise. For the need of an extra hand in an active project, our resource augmentation helps in project execution promptly.