Blockchain, a public electronic ledger comprises of unchangeable record of transactions between users which is stamped once and linked to the previous one so it cannot be modified or duplicated. Every digital record or a transaction in the thread is known as a block, and the string of blocks is known as a chain.

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Our Blockchain-as-a-service platforms provide diverse businesses with the opportunity to venture with blockchain app development services and smart contracts while letting the developers manage the network. Subsequently, our clients are benefited with improved transparency and accountability, data security and trust minimization – without having to develop their own blockchain ecosystem or invest in expensive in-house computing resources.

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Benefits of Blockchain Technology 

  • It increases the accuracy of the data. Any errors occurred is reduced by human intervention. The transactions are approved by millions of computers reducing human involvement. The records are maintained accurately with no errors. Even if there occurs to be one, it only affects the current node instead of the whole network.
  • Elimination of third-party involvement reduces the associated costs. Service charges applied upon the credit cards by the associated banks is avoided. The blockchain technology is virtual. A centralized authority is not present here and no transaction fees are involved.
  • The concept of decentralization makes it hard to tamper with since it doesn’t store its information in a central database. The nodes are copied and placed among a widespread network of nodes. In a worst-case scenario, when the data in a specific node is hacked, only a single node would be affected instead of the whole network of nodes.
  • The occurred transactions are private, secure and time-efficient. A transaction happened through a central authority takes few hours or few days to complete successfully. Whereas, blockchain transactions are completed within a few minutes.

Blockchain Trendsetters in Different Domains

  • The smart contracts preceding the distributed ledger concept are met with specific conditions. Smart contracts are programmed to perform simple functions according to the advancement of technologies.
  • The concept of share houses and carpooling are on the rise, especially in the past decade. The use of customized blockchain development services concept paves a way for direct interactions between the host and the users.
  • It was a real burden to raise the funds for certain occurrences before the introduction of peer to peer to the economy. Blockchain software development services help in crowdsourcing endeavours helping millions of people to succeed with their initiatives.
  • The supply chain management is greatly benefited by the blockchain development company. It lets the consumers know the origin of their products and its genuineness. These are accomplished through the distributed ledgers.

Applied Technologies of Blockchain

  • Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger Fabric

Technological Stack

  • Hyperledger Composer (Now Deprecated)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • IBM Blockchain Platform (VS Code Extension)
  • NodeJS 
  • Web3Js