Fernsoft became one of the most renowned Decision Sciences and Big data analytics providers, where we are helping businesses to drive intelligent decision-making through our best in class and accurate data analytics solutions. Serving various industries, we specialize in-demand analytics, marketing analytics, network planning and optimization, and risk analytics among other services.
Our Big data and analytics solutions aid the clients to systematize better decision-making through our new Problem-solving curations. Our approach consists of man plus machine along with the software build blocks.

The big data software solutions aid in scaling data analytics solutions from problem definition and mapping to analytical solution breakthrough and operationalization. Our team of developers with Deep experience and strategic expertise in Big Data assists in building data lakes, and warehouses using Big Data. The end-to-end data platform offers unstructured data management, data integration, model deployment and explainable ML models.

Fernsoft’s deep actionable insights using AI and NLP addresses key attributes which are significant for businesses. You can contact for further support.

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Machine Learning

  • They help in deriving the solutions from a collection. It increases the efficiency of a business by using digital technology tools. It reduces the costs of a business by evaluating the finances and saves a great amount of time.
  • Big data solution company focuses on a specific geographical area to meet the demands of the locals. When a business considers the customer’s feedback and creates the product with the personal touch, it serves as a beneficiary factor.
  • It assists in the increase of sale and brand loyalty by a customer. Big data cloud solutions to aid in customizing the product according to the customer’s requirement. It gives insights upon the shopping preferences of a customer and helps the business to recommend the products.

Big Data Trendsetters in Various Domains

  • It is used in the medical and healthcare industry. The advanced technological tools help to track the patient’s history. They are stored in a safe and secure database which can be accessed only by the specific physician.
  • Big data development plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry by detecting the quality of the product, forecasting the output, increasing energy efficiency, planning the mass customization. The advanced predictive tools help in a systematic process to acquire useful information.
  • The Media and Entertainment industry are supported by big data solution providers in creating new content according to the preferences of the audience. They optimize the information provided by the mining process to increase acquisition and retention. They also aid in new content development to generate higher revenue, target the advertisements to a certain audience.

Technologies we use

  • Data storage
  • Data mining
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualization