Building Progressive AI solutions for the Future

Artificial Intelligence, the simulation of human brains is the most prominent field of science in the recent decade. They can provide valuable insights from large volumes of data. This helps in the prediction of the future and guides us in making smarter decisions. We are treading precisely towards the co-existence of human and artificial intelligence. AI Development services increase the efficiency of a business with its diverse roots in cognitive computing, deep learning, machine learning with natural level interaction.

Fernsoft calibrates the industries and seamlessly transforms your business to global standards. Our skilled AI developers expertise in machine learning, neural networks, predictive analytics, deep learning, natural language processing. Our AI and ML technologies have helped in reshaping the future creating innovative solutions for diverse industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, finance, etc..

Artificial Intelligence solutions has become the epicentre of the business world to meet the growing demands. Our unique solutions are highly precise with improved efficiency, smarter, robust while performing recurrent tasks, greater optimization and evaluation.

We provide a broad spectrum of customized artificial intelligence consulting services for a progressive business journey across different disciplines for better productivity. You can contact for further support.

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AI in Diverse Industries


Our AI-powered solutions nurture the menial tasks and help in the discovery of new drugs and treatments with personalized assistance in healthcare for the patients. Every artificial intelligence solution is crafted precisely by restructuring the massive amounts of patients' data.


Our AI services provide omnichannel banking with financial insights, understand complex regulations, improve customer experience, risk assessment, and identifies fraud detection.


AI has become an integral part of the retail industry. They are integrated to assist in sales and CRM applications, customer recommendations, manufacturing, logistics and delivery, payments and payment services along with post-sale customer interactions.


AI application development services holds huge progress in the manufacturing industry by increased efficiency and multiplied productivity. They deliver Predictive Maintenance and Quality Prediction Analytics using machine learning, improve quality control and diagnostics.


  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Real-time assistance
  • Efficient use of manpower and capital
  • Predicts the outcomes based upon Data Analysis
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Compliance, Security and Risk Management